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Sport Med Physician – PhysioSportMed – Oakville, ON

November 2022

I am pleased to announce that we have an opening for a Sport Medicine Physician at PhysioSportMed of Oakville.

We are offering 2 days per week.

Our clinic is referral based as we have a large family medicine support group in our catchment and are very busy .

Along with excellent therapy support, we offer injections including corticosteroids, prolotherapy, HA and PRP. Handheld US is available for your use.

We are affiliated with U of T DFCM at Trillium Health Partners.

Terms are very favourable .

The ideal candidate would have a CASEM diploma along with a Focused practice in sport medicine.

We are located in the heart of uptown Oakville.

An affiliate clinic in south Oakville is also seeking a sport med physician for 1 day per week. Combined we could offer 3 days per week.

Interested parties can contact me, or the office manager, Simonne.

Christopher Woollam MD – 416-312-9665

Simonne St Louis – 905-257-3456