Ateliers de l’ACMSE


Présentement, les ateliers disponibles sont offert en anglais exclusivement

1) CASEM Team Physician Course, 4-5  juin 2018, Halifax, N-É
2) CASEM’s Athletes with a Disability Course, 6 juin 2018, Halifax, N-É
 Anti-doping workshop, 6 juin 2018, Halifax, N-É

CASEM Team Physician Course, 4-5 June 2018, Halifax, NS in conjunction with the CASEM Annual Symposium

This two-day course, chaired by Dr. Taryn Taylor, will address and prepare physicians to provide medical care to athletes. The target audience is a physician of any specialty, with or without their CASEM diploma, who wishes to develop and enhance their knowledge of and skill in the care of the athlete and the role of the team physician. This course may also be of interest to allied health professionals who are involved with the care of the athlete of sports teams

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2) CASEM’s Athletes with a Disability Course, 6 June 2018, Halifax, NS in conjunction with the CASEM Annual Symposium

Chaired by Dr. Lindsay Bradley. This one-day workshop is designed specifically to address sport medicine clinical issues in athletes with a disability.  This course is intended for physicians specializing in sports medicine as well as physiotherapists, athletic therapists, nurses and other health care professionals with an interest in caring for athletes with a disability.

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Chaired by Dr. Andrew Marshall. It is said that “Doping is a hindrance to sports ethics and a threat to the health of athletes” – CASEM will provide a comprehensive 2 and a half-hour session on all you need to know about doping in your role as a sport medicine physician. Experts will be on hand from CCES and experienced team physicians will provide their insight and own experiences.

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