CASEM Winter Endurance Sport Medicine Series


CASEM Winter Endurance Sport Medicine Series

Join us Thursdays at 8pm EST /5pm PST

This webinar series will consist of 4 sessions, each lasting about 90mins with 3 speakers each presenting a 25min topic. To claim your Mainpro+ credits, you must attend all 4 sessions.

Via Zoom webinars, once registered through the CASEM website, you will receive an email with the zoom registration link

Course Objectives and Agenda

At the end of the workshop, the learner will be able to:
• Identify effective interventions to prevent, treat and rehabilitate common injuries from winter endurance events in athletes through a series of lectures
• Have a plan to deal with prevention, training and return to play issues including nutritional and physical realms for the winter endurance athlete.

February 18th 2021
Running Injuries

  1. Shoes and Biomechanics
  2. Elements of Gait Analysis
  3. Cardiac Issues in Endurance Athletes

February 25th 2021
The Aging Athlete

  1. Athlete Experience
  2. The Aging Runner—Assessment and Treatment of their Unique Disorders
  3. Endurance Sports in the OA Patient
  4. Pelvic Floor and the Endurance Athlete

March 4th 2021
Winter Endurance Sports

  1. Challenges of Preparing for Winter Paralympics 2022
  2. Cardiorespiratory Considerations in Cold Weather Training
  3. Fat Biking
  4. Hypothermia and Frostbite

March 11th 2021
Training for a New Season and New Realities

  1. Gait Retraining
  2. Strength – Core Stability
  3. Strength Training in the Endurance Athlete