2018 OATA Conference – A Symposium on the HIP

Kingbridge Conference Centre & Institute

The Ontario Athletic Therapists Association’s annual symposium this year is a one day multidisciplinary symposium on identifying issues, care, prevention, recovery and surgical options for ‘The Hip’. With the almost 20% annual increase in the number of hip replacements in Canada, and the new surgical and rehabilitation approaches for the hip, this topic seems to be the new ‘hot’ topic in sports medicine and rehabilitation at present.

The one day symposium will include a number of speakers from different disciplines including;  Dr. Femi Ayeni (Orthopedic Surgeon), Physiotherapy, Athletic Therapist, Chiropractor and Osteopathic Manual Practitioners speaking on various topics related to the Hip.

Hip Summit, why attend?

Delegates will:

1. Learn about latest hip surgery procedures

2. Best practices for pre-op and post-op rehab

3. Biomechanis of hip, lumbar, spine and pelvic

4. New contacts to expand your professional network

For more information on the OATA Conference – Click Here