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The Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine provides sport medicine information on a range of sport medicine topics.  The information contained in the following position papers is not intended to substitute for the advice of a physician and you are advised always to consult your doctor for specific information on personal health matters.


What is the process to submit a new document or position statement for review and publication by CASEM?

When a proposed topic has been decided upon, and lead author established, the Declaration of Intent to Submit a Publication Form (fillable form) should be submitted to CASEM head office at admin@casem-acmse.org.

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It is suggested that the Declaration of Intent to Submit a Publication Form be submitted in the early or initial stages of the writing of the document, please consult the Instructions to Authors Document for guidelines.  This allows the Publications Committee to be aware of any  proposals that may be overlapping in content or intent, and also to provide assistance where needed.