Diploma in SEM

Sport and Exercise Medicine Diploma Exam

2019 Exam

Date: April 28, 2019
Location: Montfort Hospital, Ottawa, ON
*The 2019 exam will be a bilingual exam.*
Deadline for priority applications is October 31, 2018

General Information

Please submit the exam application form complete with the signature of the applicant, the application fee and a passport-style photograph of the applicant as well as all the required documents requested in the application form and eligibility requirements. At the time of the exam application CASEM will charge a $200.00 exam non-refundable administration fee. The administration fee will be deducted from the exam fee once your application has been accepted and the balance of the exam fee at the exam priority application deadline.

The exam application fee is $1500.00 CDN. Examination candidates will be accepted on a “first come first served” basis. Every second exam, accommodations will be made for candidates to write the exam in French provided that a minimum number of francophone candidates are reached (12). The exam will be offered in French, regardless of number of candidates, at least every 4 exams. Priority is given, at the time of the application deadline, to fellows registered in Sport Medicine fellowship programs (provided they have completed their program at the time of the date of examination otherwise applications will be received on a first-come first-served basis) and those who have failed the previous year.  The applicants accepted for examination will be notified by the CASEM Executive Director, and will be provided with information about the centre where he/she will take the examination.

Please note, in the event that an applicant qualifies to sit the examination but is unable, for whatever reason, to sit the exam, the refund policy will apply.  Future applications to sit the examination can be made upon payment of the appropriate application fee.

Exam Application Forms

You can return your application by:

  • e-mail your application form to Rebecca Menard – rmenard@casem-acmse.org
  • Fax it in to 613-912-0128 OR
  • mail it in to CASEM – Suite 300-55 Metcalfe St, Ottawa, ON K1P 6L5


Frequently asked questions about the CASEM Diploma

List of Fellowship Core Competencies

Information and Exam Appeal Process

The Examination

The examination is predominantly conducted using OSCE situations but other forms of examination can be used as well, i.e. multiple choice or short answer questions. These are designed to simulate, accurately as possible, situations that are likely to arise in the context of the practice of clinical sport medicine. They are designed to evaluate and assess not only knowledge, but also clinical skills and behavior.

Applicants who have been involved in the clinical practice of sport medicine, are familiar with the current literature, have participated in ongoing CME activities in this area, and who are aware of contemporary issues in sport medicine are ideal candidates for the examination.


Candidates for the CASEM Diploma Examination in Sport Medicine must meet the following criteria:

click here for eligibilty criteria

A list of the Core Competencies for a Sport Medicine Fellowship can be found above under the FAQ section.

Physicians practicing outside Canada must be licensed to practice in their country or residence and fulfill the criteria noted above.

All who are interested in sitting the Exam should submit an application form with the appropriate fee by the announced deadline).  Please note that applications are accepted throughout the year, on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Credentials Committee reviews applications periodically throughout the year, as required. Applications will not be considered complete unless the candidate is a member in good standing of the Academy.

Successful candidates may use Dip. Sport Med. as a nominal.

NOTE: The use of this designation is contingent upon ongoing membership in the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine. 

The Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine is considered a privilege granted by the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine to its members. Active membership in the Academy is a necessary prerequisite to sitting the exam and an absolute requirement to maintaining the designation as a Diplomat in Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Candidates unsuccessful in passing the examination in previous years are encouraged to repeat the examination in a subsequent year. Such candidates need not submit an application form but must submit a letter of intent to sit the examination no later than the specified application deadline date for that year. The application fee has to accompany this letter.