Communications/ Marketing/ Membership Committee

The Communications/Marketing Committee is responsible to oversee all modes of communication within CASEM as well as the solicitation of sponsorship for both the annual meeting and CASEM corporately.


To develop and deliver communications strategies both within CASEM and to target audiences outside of the organization.  To market CASEM and its activities to members and key audiences outside of CASEM. To ensure the highest level of membership services and satisfaction with the services


  1. Improve quality and effectiveness of communications between members, committees, other medical community members, sporting community and media/general public.
  2. Be regarded as the “go to” source of credible information in sports medicine by membership, professional associations, sports community and media/public.
  3. Retain and expand membership by demonstrating and enhancing member services.
  4. To foster relationships with existing sponsors and expand agreements with existing and new sponsors to allow CASEM to grow in areas of member services and financial stability for the organization as a whole.

Committee Structure and Terms

Chair: The Chair is a 4 year renewable term and the selection must be approved by the CASEM Board of Directors. The qualifications of the Chair include; a CASEM Diploma of Sport Medicine and ideally should be knowledgeable in the area of communications and marketing.

Members: There should be at least six and no more than ten Committee members who commit to a minimum three year period with the option of a one term renewal.

Communication and Accountability

The Chair of the committee will liaise directly with the board member in charge of Communications with reports and communication prior to each CASEM Board meeting and through the year as required.

Meeting Frequency

The committee will meet for one face to face yearly meeting and one conference call if required. All other work will be done by correspondence. Application to the Treasurer of the Board can be facilitated for additional funding if required.

Dr. Lindsay Bradley (Chair), Committee Members: Bruce Davidson, Dawn Haworth,  Marie-Josée Klett, Andrew Marshall, Jessica Wade, Taryn Taylor, Kent Pottle

Continuing Professional Development

This committee is responsible for the development of the CASEM Team Physician Course, the CASEM Advanced Skills Course in Sport Medicine as well as programs on specific clinical issues in sport medicine.  To date, the Committee has delivered programs on: Osteoarthritis, Running Injuries, Anti-Doping and more recently Endurance Sport Medicine.

Dr. Andrew Marshall (Chair), Committee Members:  Drs. Connie Lebrun, Julia Alleyne, Jack Taunton, Renata Frankovich, Terry DeFreitas, Bob Brock, Tatiana Jevremovic (Coordinator Emergency Education), Gaetan Tardif (CPC Liaison), Bruce Davidson (Coordinator, CASEM Advanced Course), Louise Walker, Ed Pilat (Ex officio members: Robert Foxford (Emergency Medicine Coordinator for Advanced Course), Bob McCormack (COC Liaison)).

Credentials (Diploma) Committee

The Credentials Committee is responsible for the ongoing development and the administration of the examination for the Diploma in Sport Medicine. First administered in 1989, the examination is a multi-stage OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation) process. The Diploma in Sport Medicine is awarded to those who successfully complete the exam and serves to identify to the public and the profession those with particular skills and special expertise in the area of Sport Medicine.

Dr. Kent Pottle (Chair),  Committee Members: Bryan Barootes (Chief Examiner), Ian Shrier (ex officio member), Markus Besemann, Jennifer Fletcher, Mike Smith, Terry Defreitas, Janice Harvey, Nicholas Mohtadi, John Philpott.

Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee comprises of Fellowship Directors of sport medicine fellowships/PGY3s from across Canada. Dr. Wade C. Elliott (Chair)

For a complete list of current Fellowship Directors, click here

Sport Medicine Fellowship Core Competencies

This document is based on the 2009-2010 Fellowship Director’s Committee work of the CASEM. This document included a literature search of sport medicine programs, consultation with Dr. Mark Batt from the British Sport Medicine Training program, committee discussion and a ranking survey of current core competency values and teaching implementation. This document was reviewed by the full CASEM Fellowship Director’s committee on June 9, 2010.

Click here to download list of Core Competencies

Official Languages Committee

The Official Languages Committee was established in 1994-95 to ensure that members are being serviced in the official language of their choice. After receiving feedback from our membership, the committee has decided to disband and reconvene on an ad hoc basis as needed.

Publications Committee

The publications Committee provides a formal platform for CASEM documents to be reviewed and prepared for publication. Documents include: position papers, discussion papers, website publications, etc. The publications committee will also review and categorize existing position papers according to approved criteria.

Dr. Margaret Burghardt (Chair)Committee Members:  Pierre Frémont, Kent Pottle and Julie Peltz

Research Committee

The CASEM Research Committee, established in 1986, includes members from across Canada and of different medical specialties. Its mandate includes the development of a systematic, comprehensive program of sport medicine research and research education in Canada.

Dr. Ken Trinh (Chair),  Committee Members: Victor Lun (Past Chair), Anthony Luke, California / Sport Medicine, Jack Taunton & Brad Monteleone, British Columbia / Sport Medicine, Marni Wesner, Alberta / Sport Medicine, Pierre Frémont, Québec / Sport Medicine, Mark Leung, Ontario/Sport Medicine

Selection to Games Committee

The Selection Committee reviews all medical team applications received from the CASEM members, including physician nominations from National Sport Organizations, to represent the CASEM at Major Games. These Games include the Olympics, Paralympics, Commonwealth, Francophone, University and Canada Games. The Committee recommends the best qualified applicants taking into account expertise, commitment to Sport Medicine, the Diploma Exam in Sport Medicine and other needs from the Major Games. Also taken into account are specialities, gender and language representation.

Dr. Richard Goudie (Chair),  members selected according to Games

Clinical Interest Groups

The Board of Directors feels it is important to support and foster communication of ideas between CASEM members. In some cases, the common interests of members will lead to groups of individuals who will develop projects, generate ideas for future research, and make suggestions to the Annual Symposium Committee for future seminars and workshops at the CASEM Annual Symposium.

CASEM currently has 8 CIGs:

  • Wilderness Medicine
  • Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA)
  • Women’s Issues In Sport Medicine (WIISM)
  • Pediatric Sport & Exercise Medicine
  • Team Physician Coordination
  • Adaptive Physical Activity
  • Endurance SEM
  • Sport Safety

Wilderness Medicine

Chaired by Dr. Debra Hammer – this group addresses all clinical issues associated with wilderness medicine.

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Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA)

This special interest group  was founded in 2015 by Dr. Jason Crookham. This committee is responsible for promoting exercise medicine and its role in health, wellness and chronic disease throughout the lifespan.


  1. To encourage and promote expert exercise medicine in disease prevention and treatment;
  2. To prepare position papers/discussion papers on exercise medicine;
  3. To actively collaborate with the conference planning committee to contribute to the scientific content of the annual meeting;
  4. To liaise with relevant CASEM Committees on new projects;
  5. To report in a timely fashion to the CASEM Board of Directors;
  6. To meet at the Annual Symposium and hold 1-2 conference calls per year;
  7. To respond to media inquiries on exercise medicine, if requested;
  8. To provide CASEM representation on affiliate group initiatives, when appropriate.

Dr. Jason Crookham (Chair), Renata Frankovich, Pierre Fremont, Elisabeth Hobden, Anne Pousette, Jane Thornton, Riam Shammaa, Kara Solmundson, Paul Watson

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Women’s Issues in Sport Medicine (WIISM)

The Women in Sport Medicine Committee was formed in 1986. The name change to Women’s Issues in Sport Medicine was approved in 1995.

Dr. Lee Schofield (Chair): Members:  Julia Alleyne, Roger Hobden, Eileen Bridges, Connie Lebrun (ACSM Liason), Nina Gow, Margo Mountjoy, Jim Carson, Maureen Kennedy, Janice Harvey, Laura Cruz , Manon Coté (past chair) Julia Hamilton (past chair)

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Pediatric Sport & Exercise Medicine

Established in 2003, the mandate of this committee is to promote expert health care for growing athletes. The committee prepares position papers relating to paediatric issues in sport medicine and actively assists the conference planning committee to ensure paediatric content at CASEM annual meetings.  

Dr. Jerome Ouellet(Chair) – Members: Erika Persson (Past Chair), Bob Lee (Secretary), Merrilee Zetaruk (Past-Co-Chair), John Philpott (Past-Chair), Laura Purcell (Past Chair), Laura Cruz (Board Liaison), Neil Cooper, Virginie Pollet, Sarah Dobrowolski (Resident Member), Kristin Houghton, Anthony Luke, Claire Leblanc, Michelle McTimoney, Devin Peterson, Bill Mackie, Elaine Joughin, Iris Marshall.

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Team Physician Coordination

A group of physicians that will cooperate to develop the roles and responsibilities, ethical and sports policies, as well as the mentorship and educational needs of sports medicine physicians who function as team physicians:

  • Mentorship for new team physicians
  • Liaison- between the committee and stakeholders, other provider groups and other committees
  • Education-development of and input in courses for team physicians
  • Defining roles and responsibilities of the team physicians
  • Encouragement of team physicians to be involved in all levels of sporting activities both as physicians and as organizers of medical care for events

Drs. Terry DeFreitas and Steve Keeler (Co-Chairs), Members: Janet McKeown (Past Chair) Paul Watson, Victor Lun, Tatiana Jevremovic, Susan Labrecque, Shelby Karpman, Roger Hobden, Richard Backus, Marni Wesner, Jack Taunton, Eric Babins, Connie Lebrun, Bruce Davidson, Bernie Lalonde, Andrew Pipe, Winne Meeuwisse, Bob McCormack, Mike Wilkinson

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Adaptive Physical Activity

Previously, Athletes with a Disability, this committee was founded in 2007 by Dr. Doug Dittmer in preparation for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The goal of this committee is to encourage and promote specialized care to athletes with a disability.

  1. To support and encourage competition in athletes with a disability; to discuss the progress and training of the athletes
  2. To prepare position statements about risks of this specific group of athletes
  3. To contribute actively to the planning committee to ensure contents relating to the athletes are represented
  4. To be collaborate with the  Olympic and Paralympic Committee about the health and  safety of the athletes with a handicap in sport

Dr. Lindsay Bradley (Chair), Members: Jamie Kissick, Russell O’Connor, Richard Goudie, Andrew Marshall, Steven Dilkas, Warren Thirsk, Ranita Manocha, Jon Halperin, Sarah Dobrowolski, Manon Cote, Kim Coros, Deirdre McLean, Susan Lebrecque and Steven Macaluso

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Endurance SEM

This new committee has been created to promote excellence in sport medicine care for athletes involved in endurance sport. 

This committee aims to:

  1. To encourage and promote expert sport medicine care in endurance sport.
  2. To prepare position papers/discussion papers on endurance sport.
  3. To actively assist the conference planning committee and continuing medical education committee to ensure endurance sport medicine is part of the scientific content.
  4. To report in a timely fashion to the CASEM Board of Directors.
  5. To meet at the Annual Symposium and hold 1-2 conference calls per year as required.
  6. To support CASEM, members and inquiries from outside agencies or press with regards to endurance medicine issues.

Dr. Rich Trenholm(Chair), Members: Andrew Marshall, Lee Schofield, Meghan Grant, Steve Keeler, Donna Henrikson, Vanessa Young, Paddy McCluskey, Rob Meeder, Tom Green and Marnie Lavigne.

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Sport Safety Committee

Established in 1992, the Sport Safety Committee is involved with safety in sport and recreation at all levels in Canada. General objectives of the committee include analyzing current injury trends in both sport and recreation, promoting safety and injury prevention, and educating the public in issues of sport and recreation safety.

Members: Jamie Kissick, Karen Johnston, Eileen Bridges, Laura Purcell, Brian Benson, Winne Meeuwisse, James Carson, Dory Boyer, Richard Goudie, Veronique Godbout.

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