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The mission of the Canadian Concussion Collaborative (CCC) is to create synergy between health organizations concerned with concussions to improve education about concussions, and the implementation of best practices for the prevention and management of concussions.

The CCC is composed of members from the following organisations:

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Concussion related position statements: 

1) CASEM/CCC Recommendations for policy development regarding sport-related concussion prevention and management in Canada (BJSM/ August 21 2014)

2) Neurotrauma FoundationGuidelines for Concussion/ Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Persistent Symptoms: 2nd Edition (2013)

3) CASEM– Mandatory Use of Bicycle Helmets (2013)

4) CFPC Position Statement The Role of Family Physicians in the Management of Concussions. (2012)

5) Zurich Concussion Agreement Statement  – CASEM acknowledges the 2012 Zurich Concussion Agreement statement as the most current statement on this topic and reinforces the authors’ statement “that the science of concussion is at early stages and therefore management and return to play decisions remain largely in the realm of clinical judgment on an individualized basis”.

6) Sport Concussion Assessment Tool – SCAT3
This SCAT3 (Sport Concussion Assessment Tool) form is a standardized method of evaluating injured athletes for concussion and can be used for those 10 and older. The form was written and updated at the International Conference on Concussion in Sport held in Zurich in November 2012.

Full Scat-3  click here                Child Scat-3  click here

7) CMA Policy – Head Injury and Sport (2011)

8) CASEMHead Injuries and Concussions in Soccer (2010) and the accompanying Discussion Paper (2010)


The CCC is chaired by the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine.

More information about the CCC can be obtained through the CASEM Executive Director;  Ms. Dawn Haworth